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David Lewis
Aug 24, 2022
In Macaw
Name: Abu Age: 3 Sex: Male Price: $5,000 for bird only With everything: $5,500 Contact: David Lewis 318-880-5071 Hello, I am selling my baby because I don’t have time for him anymore due to the fact, I changed professions. Abu loves attention and being out of his cage, if not he will defiantly let you know that he’s not a happy camper. He is very smart and great with everyone if they move slowly with him. He is full flight and I have done a lot of recall training, also hand raised him. He is also harness and leash trained. My plan was to have him flying outside but I have stopped training this past year due to the lack of time I’ve had. He is Tamed and loves to have his head scratched and give you cuddles. For a Macaw he is very talkative when he chooses to be. I’ve had him around dogs and cat’s with no issue. He is fine with other big birds but will pick on smaller ones because he wants all the attention. I’m willing to sell him by himself but I rather sell him with all his things. Everything included is a huge cage ($900) he’s in right now and a smaller one ($300) for when I clean his cage out. Harness, Leash’s ($200), Stands ($500), Food.
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David Lewis

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