Bird Surrender Program

  • The main purpose of the Bird Surrender Program is to provide financial assistance and care for surrendered birds.   These birds usually have problems and special care and/or treatment is required. 

  • All birds submitted to our Bird Surrender Program will go solely through the Bird Surrender Coordinator, which is Kim Fruge.  She can be contacted at or 337-412-0022.


  • Anyone that surrenders a bird(s) to our program relinquishes all rights to the bird(s).


  • Any donor can specifically request that all or part of the donation go towards the Bird Surrender Program.  You can donate by clicking on the first large Donate button below.  The small second one is for the bird club.  


  • Any donor to the club can receive a tax deductible receipt. 


  • The Bird Surrender Coordinator shall decide the appropriate person(s) to adopt a bird(s) from the program.  Adoption fees may apply. 


  • Club members have first right of refusal to adopt any bird since club members usually care more about companion birds and are actively learning to provide the best care. 

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