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Red Rumped Parakeets are natural beauties, easy care and best kept in pairs.

The Red Rumped Parakeet, or Grass Parrot is native to Australia.

In the wild, they are often seen in suburban parks and gardens. Their green plumage provides such a good camouflage in ankle length grasses that they can hide quite effectively until the viewer is only a few feet away.

They spend a great deal of time feeding on the ground, and often call to one another with an attractive chee chillip chee chillip. Red rumps are bred easily in captivity if provided with necessary flight space and a large nesting box. These parrots do well in aviaries and cages. They don't like to be in crowded spaces and will sometimes be aggressive towards other birds if they don't have enough space. Red rump parrots can also be hand reared, provided that they have a large cage and are taken out of their cage on a daily basis to prevent boredom, as it may result in the parrot pulling out its feathers to occupy itself. If properly cared for, these birds will live from 15 to 32 years.

Red Rumps will be available for purchase at The Acadaina Bird Fair on April 4-5, 2020.

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Responsible bird owners ALWAYS do their research before committing to the care of a pet bird of any type. Read more about the personality and care of the Red Rumped Parakeet here:

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