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Highlights from the 2023 AFA Conference

The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) had their annual conference in Richardson, TX near Dallas, which they combined with two other organizations to have a larger conference. I presented mine on September 30, titled Designing the Perfect Meal for Your Bird and You. I was fortunate to hold a very rare Palm Cockatoo at the banquet (see photo below). The owner allowed the AFA to auction the bird to be someone’s date at the banquet. A lady won with a $300 bid. The owner was offered $35,000 for the male bird but refused. Females are rarer.

Along with the presentations, the conference had a show bird contest. No birds were for sale due to restrictions of selling live birds in big cities in Texas. We do not have that problem in Louisiana. Below are the links to most of the presentations, which is not posted on the AFA’s website or anywhere else I can find. As a presenter, AFA emailed me the links and I do not know how long these links will be available.

AFA Speaker Presentations

Aviculture United, Opening Remarks and Keynote Mary Ellen LePage & Jamie Whittaker

Social Systems of Parrots: How they affect the lives of birds in our homes, Hilla Niemann

Going on the Offense to Protect Your Animal Enterprise, Mindy Patterson,

Feathered Fun: Scheduling, Documenting and Soaring to New Heights, Jack Pine,

Keeping Budgies, Miel Niemann,

The Thick-billed Parrot Past, Present and Future, Madeleine Franco,

Designing the Perfect Meal for You and Your Bird, Daniel Vollmer,

It’s All About Breath! The Story of Air and How it Shaped Our Birds, Daniel Sigmon,

All for One and One for All: The Future of Parrots, Debbie Goodrich,

Healthy Snacks and Treats For Parrots and Parakeets, Rainer Niemann,

Parrot Incubation, Hatching, Handfeeding and Troubleshooting, Chris Touchton,

Viruses and Zoonotic Diseases using Avian Influenza as a Model, Carol-Lynn Meissner, DVM,

Birds Out Loud: Education, Entertainment and Experience, Debbie Schweikardt & Kim Hatch,

Scarlet Macaw Conservation and Recovery at Selva Lacandona Mexico, Rodrigo Leon,

Reciprocal Altruism - Mutual Empathy on Humans and Their Birds, Josue Santiago,

Inspiring the Undereducated Using Non-releasable Raptors in Public Education Programs, Brandon Lewis,

Australian Birds and Aviculture, Matt Baird,

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