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Harahan Bird Fair, June 25-26, 2021

By: Chad Bellanger, Member of the Acadiana Bird Club

One June 25 and 26, 2021, Mrs. Gayle Gordon held her 2nd Bird Fair at the VFW lodge in Harahan, LA. With a lot of advertising and hard work, she and several of the vendors feel the show was a great success. A total of 40 vendors participated and I being one of them heard a few customers mentioning that birds are so highly wanted they sold out before they could reserve a table. They had a few large parrots like a Macaw and a few cockatoos. Didn't see any amazons. The show didn't run short of cockatiels and finches. One if not 2 vendors showed up to sell their reptile and furry babies. Let me not forget to mention the craft vendors. They had wonderful toys, wraths and cozies. Dr. Gregory Rich was there to perform surgical sexing.

With spirits high and inventory full, people poured in at all hours to buy a new pet or/ and supplies. This event was free at the door so a number of guests would have to be an estimate. Mrs. Gordon and I estimated around 700 people on Saturday and about 300+ on Sunday.

Mrs. Gordon mention on Sunday that the half and half raised $308.00 to be donated to the Bird rescue and surrender for our Acadiana Bird Club.

Comments Mentions by some vendors:

"Yes, It was a great fair. Gayle works hard to put this together and we all know that that's not easy!" Thank You Gayle Gordon! Denise Husbands

"We are having a great time and networking with serval people," Troy Prejean

All looks forward to the next show. So much more that can be shared but then most were there.

Chad Bellanger, Southern Feathers Aviary

This article was reprinted without pictures from Acadiana Bird Talk (the Acadiana Bird Club, Inc., newsletter) Volume 2, Issue 5.

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